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National Omnibus Services

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Knowledge is power. Multiplied with speed, knowledge becomes a critical business advantage. That’s where data from an omnibus study becomes invaluable. Angus Reid Global offers Canada’s only daily omnibus service. Fielded each weekday with a 48-hour turnaround, ask your questions to your choice of 1000 or 1500 Canadians and quickly get the answers you need.

What We Offer

Daily services running Monday to Friday (cut off at 12:00 p.m.)


Access to N=1000 or N=1500 Canadians


Rapid insights in 48 hours


Respondents balanced by age, gender, region, household income


Provincially targeted omnibus studies are also available for select provinces.

Key Services and Deliverables

Rapid insights in 48 hours

Free questionnaire review by a senior researcher

Standard Deliverables: Excel data tables

Optional Deliverables: Summary factums, presentation decks, infographics

An Online Community of Trusted Responses

Conducted via the Angus Reid Forum, our omnibus solutions deliver actionable data intelligence to help you make informed decisions for your business, brand, or organization. Harnessing powerful cutting-edge research technologies and access to Canada’s most trusted panel, our solutions are designed to optimize your business intelligence.

For more information on our omnibus solutions or to talk about pricing, reach out to us now.

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