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Why Angus Reid?

TRUST. 50 years of questions that matter.

Angus Reid is Canada’s most prominent and trusted research brand with over 50 years experience. Millions of Canadians have participated in Angus Reid surveys, and hundreds of thousands have joined our online panel: the Angus Reid Forum.

INNOVATION. Leading edge technology for the digital age.

Angus Reid has led innovation throughout the history of market research. In 2000 we created the online opinion community, which has become the industry standard. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with SMS, video, chat and other emergent technologies. We’re also innovating methods and workflows to improve the ways we approach your research needs.

ACCURACY. Data you can rely on.

Strong representation across socio-economic groups, regions, and participation from newcomer Canadians, minority and LGBTQIA+ communities ensures the unparalleled precision of our panel. With over 400 elections studies in the last five decades, Angus Reid has an accuracy rate exceeding 95%.

EXPERTISE. Best in class people with decades of expertise.

Our world-class team of statisticians, project managers and research consultants are skilled at uncovering meaningful, actionable insights. Ownership of the end-to-end research process, from sample and fielding to final deliverables, ensures the highest possible standards of research and data collection.

AGILITY. Fit to task solutions to suit your needs.

What sets Angus Reid apart is agility, flexibility, and a made to measure approach. We do not sell pre-packaged or plug-and-play solutions, instead working closely with each client to design bespoke research solutions which are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable.

Ready for answers?

Featured in


New king? Canadians don’t care

More than 50 percent of Canadians told the Angus Reid Institute last month that they believe King Charles will fall short. “He has big brooches to fill,” the pollster quipped.

May 5, 2023

The Globe and Mail

Strong public support for Canada’s farmers

These were the key findings of the 2022 Perceptions of Canadian Agriculture Survey conducted among members of the online Angus Reid Forum for Climate FieldView, a global, industry-leading digital platform providing farmers with a suite of easy-to-use data visualization and analysis tools to unite data from each piece of their precision equipment on a single platform and access those insights from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet device or computer.

April 4, 2023

National Post

FIRST READING: Canadians love nuclear power, even though greens still hate it

Although nuclear power continues to be resolutely opposed by much of the mainstream Canadian green movement, a series of illuminating new polls by the Angus Reid Institute show that Canadians are increasingly comfortable with an atomic future. Fifty-seven per cent of Canadians now support “further development” of nuclear power plants, and a not-insubstantial number are even fine with that nuclear plant being built in their own city.

January 13, 2023

Toronto Star

Here’s the data on quiet quitting

With the help of the research firm Angus Reid Group, I surveyed a national sample of Canadian workers about the quality of work and economic life in September 2019, establishing pre-pandemic data points. Then, I repeated similar surveys during the pandemic in September 2020, 2021, and 2022 to track trends — roughly 13,500 study participants in total.

October 29, 2022


56% of Canadians say they can’t keep pace with high cost of living, according to survey

Over half of Canadians say they can't keep pace with the current cost of living, according to a survey released Monday by the Angus Reid Institute. The polling firm surveyed 2,279 Canadian adults who are members of the Angus Reid Forum from Aug. 8-10 and found that 56 per cent of them are struggling to keep up as high inflation and interest rates force them to tighten their belts.

August 23, 2022


338Canada: Is Canada’s Conservative race a given?

A poll by the Angus Reid Institute tested hypothetical nationwide voting intentions. The results show the CPC would lead national voting intentions at 34 percent with either Poilievre or Charest at the helm (similar to last election’s CPC result). However, the poll’s regional breakdown suggests entirely different scenarios.

August 2, 2022


Returning to work and worried about catching COVID? You’re not alone

As provinces move to drop most COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates, many employees are returning to the workplace — whether they like it or not. And an Angus Reid/CBC poll conducted in March suggests many do not. More than half of respondents (56 per cent) said they would look for another job if asked to return to the office, with almost a quarter (23 per cent) saying they'd quit immediately.

June 21, 2022


Most British Columbians oppose $789M museum upgrade, poll shows

A new poll by the Angus Reid Institute has found that 69 per cent of British Columbians oppose the $789-million plan to rebuild the Royal B.C. Museum, and while support for the B.C. NDP government appears to be waning, the party continues to hold a strong lead over the opposition B.C. Liberals.

June 16, 2022

The New York Times

Most Canadians Don’t Want Charles as King, but Changing Royal Rule Isn’t Easy

Prince Charles will make a three day tour of the country, where polls suggest there’s little support for the monarchy — but amending Canada’s Constitution is difficult... Late last month, a poll released by the Angus Reid Institute, a nonprofit public opinion research group, indicated that 55 percent of Canadians found the monarchy irrelevant and another 24 percent said it was becoming less relevant. A resounding 67 percent of Canadians who were questioned said they opposed the idea of Charles succeeding his mother.

May 17, 2022

The New York Times

Defiant Ottawa Protesters Brace for a Clampdown

The response of law enforcement in the nation’s capital has been painfully sluggish for many residents. But police signaled they may finally be ready to move in. “If the goal of the Freedom Convoy was to capture the attention of millions of people in Canada and around the globe — mission accomplished,” Angus Reid said. “If, however, the goal was to build support for their demands to end pandemic-related restrictions — it has backfired utterly.”

February 17, 2022

The Toronto Star

Is the Big Quit Driven by Burnout, Boredom or Both?

In September 2019, before the pandemic, I asked 2,500 workers: On a scale that ranges from “not at all satisfied” to “extremely satisfied,” how satisfied are you with your job? A majority (61 per cent) reported high satisfaction and only a minority (15 per cent) voiced low satisfaction.

November 29, 2021

BNN Bloomberg

Less than half of Ontario, Michigan residents support Line 5 as Enbridge awaits court decision: Poll

Less than half of decided residents in Ontario (49 per cent) and Michigan (48 per cent) want the pipeline to stay open, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. Respondents in Quebec were evenly split between supporting it and shutting it down (36 per cent). More than 20 per cent of respondents in all three regions said they either aren't sure about Line 5's future or can't say.

July 28, 2021

BNN Bloomberg

Video: Canadians see no rush to open U.S. border

In a recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute nearly half of Canadians said they think that Canada should keep the U.S. border closed until September and when travel resumes proof of vaccination should be required. Bloomberg News' Shelly Hagan has the details.

May 26, 2021


The Five Best Ads In Super Bowl LV

Data from a consumer study by the Angus Reid Group conducted after the game shows that the ads were generally well received, and that no individual commercial was listed as the most disliked by more than 5% of survey respondents.

February 8, 2021

50 years of perfecting polling methods

Pollster and sociologist Dr. Angus Reid established his first market research company in the mid 1970s. Today we’re leading consumer research through new technology, world-class analysts, and decades of experience.

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