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50 years of perfecting polling methods

Pollster and sociologist Dr. Angus Reid established his first market research company in the mid 1970s. Today we’re leading consumer research through new technology, world-class analysts, and decades of experience.


Market research tools for every need

  • Reach respondents where they are through mobile—at home, in transit, or in your stores.
  • Get answers tailored to the needs of your project, no matter the niche.
  • Access technology developed by researchers, for researchers.

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  • Get direct access to the best analysts, data scientists, and methodologists.
  • Trust our experts to spot junk data from a mile away. You’ll only get data you can act on.
  • Customize projects to address every research need, scope, and timeline.

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  • National reach or community focus—segment and prioritize results based on geography.
  • Decrease research bias through a prioritized pool of underrepresented groups.
  • Eliminate redundancies and increase accuracy with the most well-managed panel in North America.

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Omnibus Surveys

Test ideas and capture zeitgeist in 24 hours, without the legwork of a custom survey.

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Action to Beat Coronavirus

Nearly 10,000 panelists submitted blood samples to help us measure infection prevalence through antibody testing.

Our work spans borders, industries, and languages.

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