Why Angus Reid?

At Angus Reid our technology, research methods and software give the consumers and citizens whose views we measure a convivial and rewarding experience. We don’t believe in long, boring or repetitive surveys. Our Mobile first Rival Chat Lab and Askia platforms facilitate meaningful engagements using text, email, audio and video. Data collected are available to clients in real time through our portfolio interface. 
Our experience coupled with innovative research platforms allows us to move quickly and easily through virtually every research application. Whether it’s working with experts to better understand COVID-19 infection rates via a survey of 15,000 panel members or working with a local retailer curious about their image in a growing suburb, Angus Reid delivers research on time and on budget.
We believe in treating the individuals who have agreed to join our panel with respect. Unlike most companies offering panel services, we don’t “rent” our members to brokerage services that deluge them with multiple surveys each day. We maintain strict rules for not overburdening our members. The result is the lowest rate of attrition in the research industry. Our panels have the highest response rates because respondents and members know and trust the Angus Reid brand.
Angus Reid is the most trusted name in public opinion research. In a world of ‘fake news’ and questionable web offers, the Angus Reid Group™ delivers thoughtful, unbiased research to clients and media organizations. Our research platforms conform to the highest standards of data security and privacy.
Angus Reid pioneered use of the internet as a research tool starting in the late 1990’s. Since then we’ve accurately called elections in Canada, the USA and UK. Our work is cited more frequently by the media than the rest of the research industry combined. When clients need research results that will be believed they turn to Angus Reid.
We’ve brought together an elite team of researchers who consult on client needs to create, execute and deliver actionable data. Whether a business, not for profit or government agency we have the experience to guide and advise clients through every step in the research process.