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50 years of perfecting polling methods

Pollster and sociologist Dr. Angus Reid established his first market research company in the mid 1970s. Today we’re leading consumer research through new technology, world-class analysts, and decades of experience.

Why Angus Reid?

TRUST. 50 years of questions that matter.

Angus Reid is one of North America’s most prominent and trusted research brands with over 50 years experience. Millions of people have participated in Angus Reid surveys, and hundreds of thousands have joined our online panel: the Angus Reid Forum.

INNOVATION. Leading edge technology for the digital age.

Angus Reid has led innovation throughout the history of market research. In 2000 we created the online opinion community, which has become the industry standard. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with SMS, video, chat and other emergent technologies. We’re also innovating methods and workflows to improve the ways we approach your research needs.

ACCURACY. Data you can rely on.

Strong representation across socio-economic groups, regions, and participation from new immigrants, minority and LGBTQIA+ communities ensures the unparalleled precision of our panel. With over 400 elections studies in the last five decades, Angus Reid has an accuracy rate exceeding 95%.

EXPERTISE. Best in class people with decades of expertise.

Our world-class team of statisticians, project managers and research consultants are skilled at uncovering meaningful, actionable insights. Ownership of the end-to-end research process, from sample and fielding to final deliverables, ensures the highest possible standards of research and data collection.

AGILITY. Fit to task solutions to suit your needs.

What sets Angus Reid apart is agility, flexibility, and a made to measure approach. We do not sell pre-packaged or plug-and-play solutions, instead working closely with each client to design bespoke research solutions which are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable.

Questions that matter.
Answers you can trust.