Better Equipped

Naturally, for the scale of our surveys and resulting quality of data, the Angus Reid Group employs robust back-end technology. That includes 3rd generation survey software to manage our market panels and engage with respondents. Platform one offers unparalleled functionality for panel management and survey deployment. Security and privacy protocols included HIPA, SOC 2 and Iso 2020. For survey software we use a combination of Askia and Rival mobile technology. Our survey platforms offer the most user-friendly experience in market research today and provide clients with real time access to research results.

See sample Rival Chat Survey.
See sample Askia Survey.

Leading with Action

As one of our core founding principles the Angus Reid Group believes that good polling and market research gives people a voice by providing companies, governments and non-governmental organizations accurate data on what Canadians think, believe and feel. To advocate for those values, we have invested heavily in the Angus Reid Forum where tens of thousands of Canadians are invited to be members and share their opinions. Great care has been taken to ensure that Canada’s minority populations are well represented while, furthermore, we endeavor to represent diversity and inclusivity in our employee ranks.

It’s also a priority that we make our services accessible for organizations that can benefit from our expertise at a more manageable rate. We have provided numerous projects for charities and other not-for-profit organizations at reduced costs or, at times, no cost. That said, the Angus Reid Group is unique in its commitment to providing a positive impact on Canadian society through its investments and founding principles. This begins with the Angus Reid Institute.

The Angus Reid Institute

The Angus Reid Institute ( is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that Canadian voices are heard and considered by various levels of governments, academics and the policy community at large. It is fully funded through charitable donations from the Reid Foundation and partnerships with various non-governmental organizations. The Institute pursues its mandate in a non-partisan, objective manner on issues that matter, such as sustainability, inclusivity, public health and civil rights.