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Angus Reid Global delivers actionable data intelligence to help companies and brands make informed decisions. Harnessing powerful cutting-edge research technologies and connecting with people across Canada, our solutions are designed to optimize your business intelligence.

Capabilities and Solutions

We provide a range of data-gathering services to help you achieve your research needs.

Who you want, when you want

Survey and questionnaire design

Range of advisory and data services

An agile, client-focused team

Research Solutions

Collecting the data and conducting the research you need often requires an approach specifically designed to your goals and audiences. We can build out solutions that meet your objectives, reaching out to the people and consumers you need to hear from.

Target Studies

Tap into the data you need with targeted audiences most vital to your success. With thousands of engaged members – richly analyzed and deeply profiled – specific and segmented studies conducted via the Angus Reid Forum enable you to speak to the Canadians that drive and affect your business the most.

Omnibus Studies

Need to quickly measure opinions with just a few questions? An omnibus study is your solution. Angus Reid Global offers Canada’s only daily omnibus service. Quickly get the answers you need from Canadians from coast to coast. Learn more here.

Support & Services

Get on-demand access to a dedicated team. Research can be complicated, data overwhelming, solutions hard to find. But no need to worry – we’re here to help you get accurate, actionable data.

From planning a research project to sourcing sample, from formulating questions to assessing your data, our team of client-focused specialists are on board to help you get the right set of answers and the right set of solutions you rely on to succeed.

Project management and advisory

Real-time data reporting



Press releases

Data warehouse integration

For more information on our research and data solutions for your business or to discuss your specific study needs, reach out to our team now.

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The Angus Reid Forum

Asking questions that matter. Getting answers that count.

Canada’s Most Trusted Panel

At the heart of Angus Reid Global lives the Angus Reid Forum, comprised of a representative and inclusive group of Canadians from coast to coast. The Angus Reid Forum is more than a research panel – it’s a community. Deeply profiled and engaged respondents provide thoughtful answers to your questions. Our Forum members can be reached wherever they are online via text, email, or social media.

Intuitive, mobile-first, and built to deliver quantitative and qualitative results, our technology elevates the data collection experience, driving ever more powerful data outcomes.

Tens of thousands of members across Canada

Representative of the Canadian population

Highly engaged and active respondents

Well-designed and mobile-first surveys and chats

Highest response rates in the industry

Data accuracy

Elevating the Research Experience Through Technology

In addition to our online research community, we’re able to connect with respondents in new and innovative ways – intuitive and natural to our digitally and socially connected world.

Video Responses

Tapping into our video and smartphone technology, we’re able to ask our members for qualitative responses to your questions. With a video open-ended question, respondents are prompted to record and upload videos that answer what you need to know. See and hear directly from your customers, adding a human face to your data.

SMS Chat

Cutting-edge chat technology adapts a study to a natural, engaging, and real dialog with respondents. Intuitive and informative, this offering creates a seamless experience capturing chat, voice, video, pictures, and emojis. Highly impactful and insightful, this is an ideal tool for connecting with hard to reach groups – such as Gen Z, Millennials, and specific ethnic groups – through social media or their mobile device.

Need an innovative and intuitive research solution to drive your brand’s success? Get in touch with us now!

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