Sample frame


We pride ourselves on producing data of exceptional quality. Every measure of our process is designed around that overarching goal. That begins with having a representative sample that properly represents every significant demographic group – seniors, youth, visible minorities, income range and many hard to reach rural populations, for example.

The Angus Reid Forum includes tens of thousands of engaged members — enough people in all major demographic groups to draw randomized samples that represent the population as a whole. Survey samples are randomly selected to carefully reflect core demographic variables, socio-economic status and, as appropriate, specific attitudinal or other characteristics.

Angus Reid has North America Covered

Arguably, geography is the most important factor of all, especially when serving as vast a continent as North America (and yes, beyond). To maintain our reputation as assembling representative panels that include residents from across this great expanse, we strictly adhere to a properly balanced participation. We’ve always maintained that “birds of a feather flock together” in matters of the marketplace and the polity, which is why regional coverage and representativeness have always been the foremost considerations for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the Angus Reid Forum.

Conducting Surveys – The Process

The first step in conducting a survey is to create a balanced sample matrix of the targeted population – beginning with the regional-level foundation and including the other core characteristics. A randomized sample of Angus Reid Forum members are then selected to

match this matrix. The selected community members receive an e-mail invitation and are asked to complete the survey by clicking on a link to our secure online survey platform. To participate in the survey, members must log in with their username and password.

It is important to note that our panelists do not receive survey invitations too often or repeatedly on the same subject. Careful monitoring during data collection ensures the targeted sample composition is achieved. In data preparation, statistical weighting may also be applied to ensure the most representative (and trackable) final survey sample as possible.

Participant Incentives and Remuneration

Respondents receive a small monetary incentive for completing each survey, as well as occasional prize draws. This encourages respondents to participate regardless of survey subject matter. The personal information of our community members is never divulged to anyone.