Research and Consulting

Genesis and Purpose

Angus Reid is founded by industry leaders who are passionate about arming clients with the power of insightful data to drive vital business decisions. With decades of cumulative experience in local and global research, we approached the creation of this company to encompass the most important three pillars of research; quality audience, deep rooted expertise, married to the latest data collection and research technology.


Tailored to your needs: One size does not fit all.

Every project we work on is a solution created specifically to meet your needs. Leveraging the most innovative technology and the most trusted sample source in Canada (The Angus Reid Forum), the Angus Reid Group always pushes the envelope in our advisory services.  We discuss the issues your business is facing and design a custom solution that provides the answers with speed, accuracy and impact.
On any given issue, we engage directly and deeply with the right stakeholders who are most relevant to your initiatives.  These engagements allow us to understand the potential of your organization and the levers that will inform and drive your strategies and tactics.
On all projects, we work closely and collaboratively with our clients from end to end. Our goal is not to provide you with a set of “survey results”. Our goal is to provide data that propels powerful decisions and drive positive outcomes for organizations like yourself.


We are with you every step of the way

Our advisory services extend along the entire life-cycle of the project to ensure you are fully supported in your task.  From problem assessment, methodology advisement, questionnaire development, sampling, programming, data collection, analytics, and reporting, our clients regularly tap into our seasoned and specialized team  for expert advice.
Our research and data collection experts are well versed in design, analysis as well as advanced analytics. Our ability to cross the border between a data service company and a traditional research firm is a flexibility we extend our clients to better fit the unique purpose of every project. We are able to leverage varied resources to manage tight turnaround times without compromising the quality of research.


The Right People

Our audience recruitment follows the industry’s most rigorous rules and regulation. We own and operate our own proprietary online communities across North America (The Angus Reid Forum) – and are also empowered by our trusted partners network that enable wider and deeper access across North America and globally. The first step towards powerful and accurate insights lies with selecting and engaging the right audience


The Right Tools

In order, to provide our clients with the right custom research solution for each and every project the Angus Reid Group has invested heavily in expertise, analytical tools and technology. We are at the forefront of qualitative and quantitative data collection for today’s digital world – mobile, user friendly, real time, through whatever digital channel people choose to interact. We have an unparalleled team of sector experts who can leverage their knowledge and apply advanced analytical techniques to uncover the data and insights you need.


A Global Company

The Angus Reid Group global team brings decades of multi-country research to every project in undertakes. Although our proprietary panel (the Angus Reid Forum) currently encompasses North America, we regularly work on multi-country global initiatives. We believe controlling the end-to-end global process while tailored to individual country culture, language and primary research nuance produces the most accurate results.
Our technology, global data partners and research experts are able to address the nuances of many markets around the world. This means we design research while adhering to local and national cultural and religious sensitivities. We also account for how cultural differences may impact the data collected so we apply our best practices when conducting the analysis to ensure we are relaying the most accurate data to our clients.