Research and Consulting

Data Driven

Angus Reid is founded by a collection of research industry leaders who understand the capacity of reliable data to drive vital business decisions. We believe that three key pillars of research forge the bond of better data: Audience quality, sophisticated data collection and research technology, and in-house expertise. Combined, these are the tools and techniques that we use to help our clients get a picture of where their world is and where it’s headed.

Tailored Solutions, Sized to Fit

The only constant is change. In some areas that change is more rapid or dramatic than others. It’s important to understand the nuances of circumstances and the accompanying sentiments. Leading organizations recognize that to keep pace they must on occasion take the pulse of their audience.

When we design solutions for our clients each one is a unique proposition. There are no ‘standard questionnaires,’ not when we have active panels comprised of thousands in the Angus Reid Forum. Before we pose those questions, our advisory team first devises a custom solution based on the most prominent issues our clients confront. We deploy questions that get a clear read on issues by engaging directly and deeply with stakeholders. Responses are compiled with speed and accuracy, and presented in cohesive reports that are as informative as they are revealing.

Supported at Every Stage

Our experts accompany clients through every stage of the project life cycle. Research and data collection experts combine design and advanced analytics talent to manage the varied needs that every project poses. With comprehensive in-house resources, the Angus Reid Group maintains a level of responsiveness that can accommodate tighter turnarounds without compromising the quality of research.

The Power of Good People

The first step towards powerful and accurate insights lies with selecting and engaging the right audience. Our recruitment aligns with the industry’s most rigorous rules and regulations. The result is a proprietary online community in the Angus Reid Forum that forms the foundation of our ongoing dialogue.  We also foster an extensive partner network that expands our reach across North America and globally to give us unprecedented access to audiences everywhere.

Tools, Techniques and Talent

We are at the forefront of qualitative and quantitative data collection for today’s digital world, prepared to accommodate whatever channel suits our respondents’ needs. Pair that with an unparalleled team of sector experts who apply advanced analytical techniques to uncover data and meaningful insights.

It comes back to quality of data. That is the measure of excellence. Not ‘survey results.’ Our aim is to put the data in your hands that propels powerful decisions and positive outcomes. Critical information that drives strategy, sharpens tactics and builds organizational confidence.

Global Perspective

Though our proprietary panel currently encompasses North America, we regularly work on multi-country global initiatives as part of our larger mandate. Our technology, global data partners and research experts address the nuances of markets around the world, and we believe controlling the end-to-end global process produces the most accurate results. We design research that respects local and national cultural and religious sensitivities. That includes accounting for how cultural differences may impact the data collected so we relay the most accurate data possible to our clients.