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Thoughtful and engaged respondents - the Angus Reid Forum:

It’s a place of open dialogue, exchanging big ideas – where we value, above all, respect, honesty and integrity. Created as a community of engaged participants, the Angus Reid Forum is highly representative, in every walk of life. That’s why the Angus Reid Forum is the most trusted source of public opinion.

Known respondents - the Angus Reid Forum:
Engaging survey solutions - a mobile first approach:

Mobile solutions – embrace innovation, embrace the future

Market research is stuck in the past. An agile approach means meeting people where they are: on the devices they’re already using – texting, video chatting and scrolling on social media. That’s where we meet them to engage in meaningful interaction. And when their attention shifts again in six months? We’ll change again, too.

Fit to task - we are your problem solvers

One size does not fit all. Every project is a tailored solution specific to your needs. We discuss the issues your business is facing and design the methodology that provide the answers with speed, accuracy and impact. We are with you every step of the way.

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