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Thought leadership

Test creative with its intended audience

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Our Approach

Our first priority is to collect data you can use from real people. We put in the work to evaluate our panelists and make sure they stay engaged over long periods of time.

Known respondents

Guaranteed viability

Our panelists are extensively evaluated, and we put in the time to eliminate redundant answers.

Robust recruitment

Robust recruitment

Our recruitment strategy prioritizes equitable participation and low barriers to access with great UX.


Bias elimination

We put in the work to ensure a diverse panel by gender, ethnicity, and economic status so that every voice is heard.

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Long-term engagement

We keep panelists engaged over the long term with stellar UX, rewards, and reciprocity.

Diverse sample segments to suit your research needs

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High net worth individuals

Household purchasers

Indigenous Canadians

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