Angus Reid Forum Platform

Canada’s Most Trusted Panel

At the heart of the Angus Reid Group lives the Angus Reid Forum, comprised of a representative and inclusive group of Canadians from coast to coast. The Angus Reid Forum is Canada’s most well-known and trusted online public opinion community consisting of engaged residents providing thoughtful answers to your questions. Intuitive, mobile-first, and built to deliver quantitative and qualitative results, our technology elevates the data collection experience, driving ever more powerful data outcomes.

The Angus Reid Forum is more than a research panel – it’s a community. Deeply profiled and engaged respondents provide thoughtful answers to your questions. Our Forum members can be reached wherever they are online via text, email, or social media. We know who they are and they know us – a transparent and engaged relationship founded on trust and respect.

The Angus Reid Forum Difference


Through our strict protocols, careful recruitment and ongoing commitment to representativeness, we assure an exceptional experience for respondents producing accurate results for our clients.

Panel Members

We profile our panels on a number of demographic, consumer, and social variables to help clients gain a deeper understanding of the audiences most relevant to their research needs without having to bother members with the same questions asked repeatedly.


Our web-enabled, mobile-first, and chat-based technologies provide an enhanced survey taking experience and keeps our members engaged. The result is rich and valuable answers that power business decisions quickly and accurately.