Angus Reid Forum Platform

Let the People Speak

The Angus Reid Forum represents our most vital investment. Numbering in the  tens of thousands, it is a diverse community that we draw on for perspectives across a broad scope of issues. It features a cross section of engaged participants who provide thoughtful responses to our inquiries. In developing the Forum, we recognize the advantage of nurturing long-term interaction that is transparent and based on mutual trust and respect. This fosters a dynamic relationship that results in responses – and by extension, data – with greater depth and meaning.

The Angus Reid Forum Difference

We distinguish our services by providing an unmatched level of vetting and by engaging our Forum participants with greater frequency and activity. This includes:


Strict protocols, careful recruitment and ongoing commitment to representativeness assures an exceptional experience for respondents and produces accurate results for clients.

Panel Members

We profile our panels on a number of demographic, consumer and social variables to help clients gain a deeper understanding of the audiences most relevant to their research needs. This avoids saddling members with repeatedly posing the same questions and frustrating interactions.


The heart of a vibrant and quality driven panel is the need for highly engaged members. At the Angus Reid Group, we take panel and member engagement to the next level and boast the some of the highest response rates across all our projects. We simplify engagement by harnessing web-enabled, mobile-first, and chat-based technologies for an enhanced survey experience. Our high touch approach and genuine interest in our panel members keeps our response rates impressively high and allows our panel to perform at more than double its size.

Online, In Touch

Online methods provide a far richer environment for measuring public opinion compared to outmoded telephone surveys. The opportunity to present highly visual, interactive, and engaging surveys generates thoughtful and genuine responses to questions that tackle complex subject matter. Rather than rely on recalling something participants may have seen or heard, our surveys present visual and audio content in the moment. That immediacy is essential to our survey experience and renders far more candid responses that are more direct and, by nature, more accurate.

Online Panels and Panelist Recruitment

We run a multitude of recruitment campaigns through a range of online methods. To ensure we have a varied and diverse strategy, we avoid single source recruitment. Each recruitment campaign is tracked and monitored for quality control while also confirming that new members are highly engaged and responsive from day one.

Through a balance of active involvement and simplified processes we’ve created leading online panels and recruitment strategies that value what others in our space neglect. This includes:

  • Extensive reach across North America with a focus on deep ethnic diversity
  • Efficient, effective, and continuous profiling
  • Intuitive and highly automated systems and processes
  • The use of proprietary technology and recruitment approaches
  • Full transparency

By pursuing this approach to panel management and recruitment we encourage a highly opinionated membership characterized by an authenticity of response. Not only do we provide the ease of being available anytime and anywhere with mobile optimization, we provide a forum where participants truly enjoy providing insights and feedback.