Concept Testing

Launch content that gets results with concept testing

Cut wasted marketing spend. Test a campaign, creative asset, or tagline to validate strategy with data.

Your customers are with the Angus Reid forum

Diverse sample segments to suit your research needs


B2B decision makers

Household purchasers

Small business owners

High net worth individuals

New Canadians

LGBTQ2s+ Canadians

IT workers

Early adopters

Indigenous Canadians

Your best campaigns start with concept testing

Run creative testing with people most likely to see your campaigns.

Effective testing customized to your needs

No more “out of the box” solutions: use monadic, sequential, or forced choice methodologies for results tailored to your campaign objectives 

Scale what works by creating a customized concept testing program

Make your campaigns better over time as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Understand the deepest level of why

Ask the right questions and build a reliable pool of data you can pull from to learn about your customers.

Find out how people really feel

Watch selfie videos to see what the data can’t capture: tone, body language, and the small anecdotes that reveal something big.

Answer these concept testing questions

Which concept performs best?

How appealing is each concept?

What creative attributes make this concept good or bad?

What is the impact of this concept on my brand?

Should I launch this concept into the world?

What are my target audience’s immediate reactions to this concept?

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Looking for campaign lift? 

Start concept testing with Angus Reid.