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Measure marketing spend impact 

Your marketing budget is precious. Run a campaign lift survey to feel confident you’re spending it wisely.

Your customers are with the Angus Reid forum

Diverse sample segments to suit your research needs


B2B decision makers

Household purchasers

Small business owners

High net worth individuals

New Canadians

LGBTQ2s+ Canadians

IT workers

Early adopters

Indigenous Canadians

Generate real-time data with real-time media consumption

Assign custom KPIs to brand campaigns

Measure ad recall, aided and unaided brand awareness, purchase intent, and other brand attributes customized to your goals.

Measure the entire life of a campaign

Track brand lift before, during, and after campaigns so you can tweak your strategy when you need to.

Simplify the brand survey process

Brand lift studies take time, but they don’t need to be complicated. Rely on 50 years of research experience to get you to the other side.

Find out how people really feel

Watch selfie videos to see what the data can’t capture: tone, body language, and the small anecdotes that reveal something big.

Answer the ultimate question: Was there lift or not?

Get a custom brand lift study that establishes a baseline, tracks ongoing campaign metrics, and measures brand impact after your campaign is over.

Did the campaign generate buzz?

Who saw the campaign, and where?

Which channels saw the most lift?

Did the campaign have broad appeal?

What were the perceptions of the campaign?

Did the main message resonate?

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