Pollster and Sociologist Dr. Angus Reid established his first research company in the mid 1970’s. Since then the research practice that bears his name has gone through several transformations in response to changing technology and client needs.

Today the Angus Reid Group is at the forefront of inspired research backed by a unique combination of technology, strategic consultants, decades of research experience and a brand that is among the most trusted in North America and around the world.

The Angus Reid difference is accuracy, insight, speed and commitment

From Dr. Reid:

“After more than fifty years in the business of listening to what people say, think and feel, I know that the world of research needs to change. People communicate now differently than they did when I started and, more importantly, people talk to each other differently today than they did even five years ago.  It is not just about the internet, it is about the devices people use and the interaction they engage in. We live in a world of texting, social media, video chatting, sharing audio, visuals and videos content to express themselves and covey the ideas and feelings important to them.

We have built our platform, the Angus Reid Forum, to reflect this reality. At its core, market research is about engagement and asking questions. The quality of the answers is directly impacted by how one asks the right question: “The medium is the message”. Members of the Angus Reid Forum are given the opportunity to interact with us using the channel they prefer, trusting who they talk to and believing they are being heard. Done properly, this gives accurate, timely and meaningful results.

We believe in giving people their voice; to be heard, listened to and affect change. Today, this requires modern technology, research expertise and an effective channels of communication. The Angus Reid Forum is built using the latest technology providing engaging interaction, recruited to be truly representative and maximizing participation of our members when requested to do. The end result is the same as it was fifty years ago when I started… ask questions that matter, do so in engaging and respectful fashion, and people will give you answers that count.”