Our Currency is Trust

Communications have undergone revolutionary changes in our time. To truly connect with people today and understand their thinking requires interacting on their terms, using their channels. Texting, social, shared content, video and more – engagement today is a complex proposition.

That’s why we’ve developed the Angus Reid Forum, a proprietary platform designed to generate an unprecedented level of participation from our members. It’s an approach based on respect, collaboration and ongoing interaction. To render quality data demands such relationships. Our techniques stand in sharp contrast to scattershot online surveys and random opinion polling that are evermore ineffective and methodologically suspect.


We Are Collaborators

That’s been our prime directive since launching Angus Reid Group in the mid-1970s. In that time, we’ve not only been witnesses to massive changes, we’ve earned our role as the true measure of public opinion. We listen and gauge. We probe, interpret and offer our own unique perspectives. In doing so, we’ve built an exceptional reputation as a vital and trusted resource for leaders everywhere.


Giving People Voice

Allowing people to be heard and to effect change. This resides at the core of the Angus Reid Group. We provide incisive research services that inform and guide decision-makers by harnessing our industry’s most advanced techniques. Clients trust us to give them the understanding required to compete, to be more strategic and better aligned with their audiences.

Driven by curiosity and devoted to providing absolute clarity, we attract the foremost research talent, including analysts and strategists, data scientists and communicators. Together, we survey, synthesize and decipher data to provide critical intelligence to organizations and industries around the globe.