ABC Study Page

In partnership with the Centre for Global Health Research and University of Toronto, St. Mikes Hospital, the AbC study was designed and executed to the highest standards of public health research by leading epidemiologists in the field of infectious disease.  By using the Angus Reid Forum as a sample source for the study, the AbC team was able to ensure the highest standards of designing and execution to capture a representative sample of the Canadian population that adheres to the highest standards of sampling protocols.

Assessing the COVID-19 antibody immunity of more than 10,000 Canadians 

The study began with a brief survey asking individual respondent, along with other members of their household, if they had experienced any symptoms associated with Covid-19. The respondent was then asked if they would be willing to undertake a self-administered blood test, which they would then send to St. Mikes Hospital for Covid-19 antibody testing.

Once the sample frame and survey was constructed, the Angus Reid team working with CGHR, designed and delivered a set of supporting resources and materials (videos, landing pages, reference materials, hotlines and respondent support teams) to fully inform and support all research participants. It was very important that participation be maximized to ensure rapid response and sample integrity. Study design and implementation took approximately three weeks with a subsequent two-week field window to recruit all 10,000 participants. The speed and thoroughness of the AbC antibody study makes it one of the most important Covid-19 antibodies prevalence studies conducted anywhere in the world.